Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Getting Degree certificate from RGPV-Bhopal,

After Graduating from college many of us Get involved in other activities and forget about all documentation, and didn’t bother to to collect/apply degree certificate

Recently i had floated a poll on FB regarding how many of peoples in my Friend list applied and got degree cert., and found :-

As majority had not applied for getting for Original degree certificate from RGPV
It may be due to many reasons like
- Busy in present      job.
- Several relocation’s (telecom guys).
- or struggling for job :(
- Indolence and negative thought for the process involved...

Ok no problem....I am explaining the complete process for those who have not

1.    First you have to fill the application for degree

You can download the form here

Then fill the form as per instruction given. And attested the form with Principal Sign and seal from collage
You have to attach All SEM mark sheet and that too should be attested with principal seal.

Secondly  you have to make DD(Demand draft ) of Rs250/- In  favour of Registrar, Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya,  Bhopal.

Please not that if you want degree urgently  you need to pay additional 500 rs as tatkal fees such that they will process you application out of turn.(This is not mentioned any where on web site nor the vasity I got to kenw this with my personal experience when I applied degree.)

So for tatkal degrees you need to make DD of rs 750(250 degree fees+ 500 tatkal fees)

Please note that SEM mark sheet are mandatory.

You can send  this degree from via Registered post /Speed post to University  address mentioned on site
Do mention on the envelop (Reg Degree application)

If You are willing to take Degree IN person by visiting University …

Do prepare well in advance for 2-3 days (If you are lucky enough like me you can even get degree in one day visit J)

Document required:-
Id proof
8th sem original marksheet
DD of 750 in case of tatkal(note you can also deposit chalan at uco bank located at varsity campus)
Degree form (yes how can you forget this) !

I can share my experience for getting degree in-person..

I planned for 2-3 days and reached Bhopal in morning 4 am.
After resting for 2-3 hours I headed towards University it is located on Airport bypass road Bus route no -2

I was the first person reached there @8.00 am

Roaming here and there. Then a professor arrived in a car . I asked him about degree dept and asked his help , he helped me and directed me and asked to wait for degree staff.(Thank u sir!)

They arrived in a BUS, then I rushed to 2nd floor and handed over degree form to a “babu”
I had given many explanation regarding why I require degree so urgently ..and convinced him..

There are total 4 signs of 4 diff dept. heads are required on Degree ::
Exam head,VC,registrar etc etc.

@2nd floor there was huge bundles of degree application and degree cert..
Office was full forms and like typical Govt office.

He processed my degree took print on Stationary. And put it for to be signed degree.

The same guy on 2nd floor handed over degree cert. to me rolled in a cylindrical  cardboard container

I got my degree on same day evening as I was lucky !

Best of luck !

Update: Got RGPV  helpline no: 0755-4004747
RGPV setup this helpline no timing of this no is from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.
Please comment to update your experieance as well any queries!

I am not able to answer each and every query!

Sorry if i had not replied your mail/or comment as i was busy in my work and was not having access to blog.

Arjun Singh
 - Thanks to Santosh pant for his efforts and information regarding for the same.


  1. Either you should take out time for 2-3 days, or for faster processing you should be knowing VC, Chief Minister of MP, Education Minister..... Or being a friend of Santosh Pant can help immensely .....

    1. He he Yes! but you should always try!

    2. hi arjun sir,

      Which docs I need to carry if I want to collect it from RGPV,Bhopal office.
      currently I am located at Pune,and my collage is in Indore.
      so what procedure i have to follow.

    3. how much time takes to obtain degree 1 month,?????? or more

  2. Dear Arjun sir
    I am currently out of country and i need the degree urgently for Engineers VISA.
    So can i get this from others source

    1. Hi Prashant,

      Are you unable to download the degree form..
      IF you want i can send this you by mail.
      How ever if you are unable to collect the degree in person/ or unable to visit Collage to get sign from principal!
      You answer is YES! you can authorize any one for collecting/applying the degree in your behalf.
      You need to sign on degree from/ and should give authorization letter to the person. that he should collect your degree. that person should have valid Photo ID proof(University personal may ask for it) !

      Same this is also mentioned in degree form:-
      " Applicant Can authorize someone to abtain main degree by giving him authrization letter & original
      Mark sheets. Authorized person must have his identification proof also "

      So you can send any one with complete documentation.
      Do like and spread the information in FB/among your friends who want same information.
      Arjun Singh

  3. hi arjun sir ,
    i need a degree certificate urgently,please provide me your no.or call me 09004719099 mayank jain.its very urgent pls sir

  4. Hi Arjun
    i had already sent my degree form like a month back but i recently got selected for the army and so i need to get my degree in TATKAAL because my course starts in JAN 2013.Can you help me with the process for this matter ?

    1. Jaidev bana.. from which college you are..
      In this matter i suggest you visit the RGPV personally,

      It may happen that they had already processed your degree. but if not then you can try to re-apply for degree by resubmitting the form along with tatkal fees..

      however, do contact university for faster processing..

    2. Thanks Arjun.I am from patel college of science and technology,Indore. One more thing is that i also lost my marksheets of the 1st two sems years back.appealed for re-issuing of the same but now its been six months that i haven't got any response.Any idea how can i pace up that ?

  5. very useful information.it helps a lot of students intimidated with the procedure, and not applying for degree.thank u so much

  6. This is Ravindra Porwal and i have completed my B.E. from Ujjain Engg. College,Ujjain in 2007.
    I applied for degree recently 4 month back(July-2012).
    I have given necessary attested documents with 250 DD.
    But i did not receive the degree yet.Its already 4 month passed.
    I need the degree urgently because for US visa its mandatory.
    Please suggest me what i can do to get it fast ??

  7. hello,this is manish, i hav applied for my final degree in august 2011,but still not recieved.how much more time it needs to dispatch my degree.

  8. Hi Arjun, it is indeed a very useful information. I wanted to know one more detail. If you wish to take the degree in person do you still need to have the verification done by the principal of your college or it can be done in the university. What I mean is - Attest all the documents from principal and then go to university in person to collect the degree with all original document.

  9. hello Arjun sir,i hav applied for my final degree in year 2011,i have nt got it yet.I know it take around 1.5 to 2 years to get final degree by post.But my problem is that probably by april my family will be shifting to new place,tht means address change.so what should i do?is there any option to change address or somehow to notify rgtu about this problem? please help.

  10. if person is out of country and need Degree in person without having last sem original marksheet..they would allowed to give degree to a person holding a authorization letter of degree applicant

  11. If i apply for tatkal...then how much time it will take.
    Please reply

    1. Will depend on your luck i got in one day but avrage time is 15-20 days

  12. Can i make DD from SBI Bank ? Or There is something like mandatory to make DD from a particular BANK*?

    Reply ASAP
    Thank you !!

    1. Yes DD from SBI is fine .. DD from any govt bank will be good.

  13. I am 2012 batch passout n have lost my 3rd semester certificate. can u help me to know the procedure of applying and getting marksheet as soon as possible.
    my email: pramodmit26@gmail.com
    ur help will be very appreciable

  14. Hi Arjun,

    Please could you let me know, if you applied for the degree with the form, attested mark sheets and DD earlier, and then went to the university after some time to collect the same?

    Or you went to the university directly with the attested mark sheets, Application Form and Rs. 750 DD, on the same day and got everything done.

    Kindly reply soon, as I need to plan and get my degree ASAP.


  15. Thanks Dear.
    THis is enough to get the degree.
    Well I am also the victim of Degree Form.
    Recently I am trying best to get Degree Form.

  16. thanks to all for use full info

    Rajesh Karel

  17. Thanks dude!! I need the degree before my mtech convocation.

  18. hello friend ,
    thanx for the information,,,, I want to know that for getting degree from university directly by going there , do we
    need to apply it first by normal procedure before 10 - 15 days ,
    or directly we can go there without prior applying ?

  19. my degre was delivered by rgpv bt as my adress got changed how do u i collect it again is it returned back to university

  20. hi i want to do ORIGINAL DEGREE ATTESTATION bhopal from rgpv
    to whom i will have to meet or who does this
    plzzzzzzzzzzzz help

  21. which documents i will have to need for degree certificate. according to you
    1) attested marksheet by our principal's signature.
    2) download degree form.
    3) DD of 750 rupees.
    how can i download the degree form , bc'z i am unable to open RGPV website. i tried to open "rgpv.ac.in" but it wasn't opening. can u provide me another way to download degree form.And also i want to ask is it need to any certificate except our marksheets.

    1. Is below link not working ?

      Tell me your email id, I will send PDF form to you.

  22. Hello Arjun,
    I have got a job opportunity abroad. The organization needs a degree verification letter from the University. Is there any process to get it. Kindly let me know.

  23. sir please how i have to write authorization letter

  24. Very Gud Explaination.....That How to get Degree certificate from RGPV bhopal........

  25. Hi Arjun,
    Is there need original mark sheets of each SEM?


  27. i have also applied offline by filling union bank challan of 250 rs with above same procedure.
    I am waiting from last 1 year and still not got my degree.
    is there any track of that .
    where should i contact?
    plz help me.

  28. Hi Arjun,

    Is it mandatory to attest all Sem degree and Degree form by College? Can i attest with any magistrate or same class officer..
    Becoz from my side, it is not possible to go college and Sign off all doc. i can go RGPV directly. If i will go RGPV directly with downloaded degree form and mark sheets (with out attest) , can they accept and proceed.

    Please reply so that i could make it plan.


  29. Hi All,

    Thanks for you comment.

    I had put up this information from my experience.

    I do nat have any responsiblity for nay delay, workng infomation etc.

    You are requested to act youself.

    I can not able to answer each and every query so please co-operate.

    Also this information is very old please comment if this is not relavant or the process is changed.

    Arjun Singh

    1. Hello Dear Arjun Singh, First of all happy Diwali dear fren, Today only I came to know about this blog, when one of our Junior send me the link & said same what I did for all,


      Best regards,
      Santosh Pant

  30. hello arjun
    still process same
    if i go there with 750 DD and all necessary document
    then they can ask me why did u make 750 DD instead of 250 DD
    will it not be a problem ?
    and can i go directly there to submit my all document
    and i want to know, what reason u told them to take degree fast
    thank you

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. For online process

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